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Was recently looking for a carpet cleaning service in my local ad pages.2 came up, 1 offered 7 rooms carpet shampooed and deep cleaned For 189.00.

I only needed 4 rooms cleaned and decided to instead go with MER who said there prices would be better. I wish i could say that you get what you pay for but that would have been welcome. Not only did they do an incredibly bad job but the Price for 4 rooms of what they call "Deep Cleaning" (not shampoo) Was well over 300 dollars for four rooms of from what i can tell was nothing but a steam clean. The carpet was slightly lighter but the stains that were on the carpet remained.

I told the guy coming in that i didnt want to spend too much because i was considering new carpet anyway, he assured me that after this cleaning it would look brand new and i didnt need new carpet, but not even close.

When i expressed my disgust with the job they did all i recieved was a oh well shrug and off they went.This place is a rip-off avoid at all costs

Monetary Loss: $325.

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sorry to hear that. I almost had a very similar experience with Meir (the owner of MER) but I kicked him out of my house as soon as he tried his scared tactics on me.

later, I come to find out that he is not licensed to do Air conditioning services of any kind in the state of Texas. he is not even registered in the state or the city of Dallas. also they do not have an EPA certification and they have “F” with the Dallas BBB

why wont you contact the Add Pages Magazine with your complaint?

they ware very helpful with consumer complaint. in the past they removed another company who used the same tactics and was not licensed nor accredited form the BBB from their Magazine after they ripped me off .(this time I don’t have an invoice to prove my claim. since I did not use Mer in the end)

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